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Tailor - made Courses

Course Level: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

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In addition to standard training programs, INsig2 offers a wide range of management and skill-based courses that can be tailored to meet the Client’s needs.

INsig2 expert team can develop a competency-based, hands-on training program that will be ideal for the client’s specific environment, requirements and the specific skill level of their staff. With the interested customer, INsig2 can offer specific skills, strategies and the appropriate delivery style to achieve the objectives, develop the content, design exercises and activities for active participation and to provide a follow-up.

Customization also includes adjustment of training duration in order to meet the client’s goals and expectations.
This will be done to ensure high-quality delivery of required content, by making sure that required customized content can be professionally delivered to participants in order for them to be trained appropriately within the required course duration and training setup.

Tailor-made courses provide the customer with the opportunity to fully focus on their learning and development needs, specific to their company profile and strategic goals. This usually means that several different courses will be combined. All classes include multiple hands-on exercises that allow participants to apply their newly learned skills in practice and in real case scenarios.