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Digital Forensics e-learning

Course Level: Basic

  • Location - Worldwide
  • English language
  • Certificate

Our vast experience working with legal entities, the private sector, and law enforcement, on a variety of different criminal cases, allowed us to understand specific needs for additional education and improvement of knowledge and skills.

INsig2 and Zyber Global LtdDigital Forensics e-learning platform consists of courses specifically created for judges, lawyers, public prosecutors, first responders, forensic investigators, analysts, and IT professionals. The goal is to provide exceptional, up to date courses, that can be benefited from all over the world.

Courses are designed as full-text reading courses, and all technical terms have been fitted with easy-to-read life scenarios, understandable for everyone. Each course consists of several chapters, each followed by a short quiz to test the knowledge. The courses have access for several months, meaning the participants can choose the pace at which they want to learn. At the end of the course, participants go through a final assessment, a case study, or a practical exam, and upon successful completion, they will be issued the e-certificate which is immediately printable for their records.

Participants earn CPD (Continuing Professional Development), CPE (Continuing Professional Education), and CLE (Continuing Legal Education) points by obtaining the e-certificate. The number of points depends on the course. Earning these points is a structured approach to learning in order to ensure competence to practice, keep skills updated, and gain practical experience.


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