About us

Professional services & clients’ satisfaction

Through rich experience and broad knowledge, we recognize the needs of clients and provide them with optimal customized solutions. Our main focus is professional service and high client satisfaction.

Centered on integrated and national security, and digital forensics solutions, we're redefining industry standards.

Our security solutions combine circuit and software platforms, enabling them to provide integration services in the areas of logical and technical protection. In the field of digital forensics, we offer a wide range of services, including consulting, education and laboratory equipment, always following the latest technologies. Software Development Department develops security systems with different features and software support to achieve and maintain a high level of security.

Since 2004, we have served both the private and public sectors, including law enforcement, defense forces, legal entities, international organizations, the technology sector, banking institutions, pharmaceuticals, public health and many others.


Delivering tailored solutions with a focus on security, innovation, client satisfaction and lasting partnerships.


To be a leading force in the application of cutting-edge technologies and innovations, setting standards of excellence on a global scale.


Recognizing the clients’ requirements and satisfaction, professional and passionate team, responsibility towards work and commitments and sustainability.


Our employees are the most valuable part of the company

We believe that our people are the driving force behind all our endeavors. The unwavering dedication and professionalism of our team are the key for achieving our objectives.


International Presence

Our unique client-centric approach secured lasting global partnerships. Leveraging our experts, consultants, and partners, we've seized opportunities across continents.


Want to join our Team?

We are always looking for quality and qualified employees and welcome resumes from candidates who have recognized our company as an area of their interest, while also considering that their expertise can contribute to the further development of INsig2.

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