Olivera Balašević

CEO of "Salayka", leading production company in Southeast Europe, Serbia

Olivera Balašević is CEO of Salayka, leading entertainment production company in South East Europe. She graduated sport and physical education at the University of Novi Sad and spent her early days of a carrier as a high school professor at Novi Sad Gymnasium. Since the establishment of family-owned entertainment production company Salayka, she was in charge of the great achievements of the company in the production and distribution of music, concerts, theatre plays, film and TV series. She is responsible for the introduction of the innovative concept of copyright protection of Salayka latest movie and TV series „Kao rani mraz“ which represented a breakthrough in copyright production approach in the SEE region. Being dedicated to social responsibility and humanitarian work, she was in charge for significant humanitarian projects in Novi Sad, and throughout countries of former Yugoslavia over last 20 years, having close cooperation with UNHCR besides other partners. Married, mother of three kids and devoted grandmother of two grandkids.

Copyright protection in the film industry - new bulletproof concept

The film is an art. There is no person on the planet who does not like the film. Behind it all, in the digital era, which results in an uncontrolled multiplication of film by piracy of digital media, emerges a huge uncertainty. Last but not least, an artistic film has survived with tremendous dive against the cannibalistic nature of television. But it will hardly survive if caught in omnipotent digital networks without one essential, though not sufficient condition: the protection of producers' and copyrights. When concerning the film – all previous legal copyright protection mechanisms are only ex-post. Given the huge everyday piracy, as a producer of the film (whose author got a great interest among the audience on the notice of possible start on filming) in cooperation with Serbian Ministry of Interior, Department of Cybercrime - implementing a strict protocol of prevention in every aspect of production and film distribution, we present you the principle of the film protection which results in: The Pirate Bay - no result!


Copyright protection in the film industry - new bulletproof concept