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WIFI Exploitation

Course Level: Advanced

  • 4 days
  • Certificate
  • Location - Worldwide
  • Price on request


Since the advent of WIFI, technology tools have been available to circumvent its protections and encryptions. Law Enforcement have traditionally underused these capabilities, primarily due to the legislation and restrictions in place.
However, significant intelligence can be obtained by utilising methods that capture information from WIFI equipped devices that do not require an Intercept warrant. These methods, as well as the more traditional intercept abilities, are usually not deployed, meaning that significant information is missed. The course is held over 4 days and teaches all the techniques needed for an officer to quickly deploy technical means to gather both open source (no warrant) and private data (where warrant exists) from WIFI equipped devices. Concepts are taught, practiced against targets to be deployed in a real-world environment. The course finishes with a full practical training scenario. At the end of the course, all participants will take on an exam and after successful completion will be given an official certificate for passing the course.


Good understanding of digital forensics principles, good knowledge of Windows operating systems, basics of Linux operating system, good knowledge of networks.