Izidor Rojs

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Local State Prosecutor, Slovenia

As the Regional State Prosecutor for the General-Criminal Department he directs pre-trial criminal proceedings and represent the prosecution in criminal proceedings against offenders in the area of general-criminal and economic crimes, as well as for criminal offences related to computer crime, such as: intrusions in information systems, computer forgery, computer fraud, money laundering deriving from related offences, etc.
During the last three years, together with his colleague the Regional State Prosecutor Iztok Krumpak, he directed the pre-trial criminal proceedings against the author of one of the most dangerous malicious codes called ButterFly Bot (BF bot) and ButterFly Flooder (BFF) which infected several million information systems worldwide and which was used by Spanish suspects to create one of the largest bot networks called “Mariposa”. Izidor also directed pre-trial criminal proceedings against the leader of “Anonymous Slovenia” as concerns the DDOS attacks on Slovenian banks and other governmental and nongovernmental organizations.
Related to digital evidence and prosecution of criminal offences in the areas of computer crime, many times he was lecturing to criminologists of Department for Computer Search of Criminal Investigation Departments of Police Administrations and the General Police Administration of the Republic of Slovenia. 
In 2012 at the invitation of the Ministry of Justice of USA, with his colleague the Regional State Prosecutor Iztok Krumpak, he participated in Bucharest - Romania in a symposium entitled “Regional Workshop on Investigating and Prosecuting Intellectual Property Violations and Using Digital Evidence”.

Slovenian experiences with digital evidence in court practice 

1.    A brief presentation of the legal regulation concerning digital evidence in the Slovenian criminal procedure:
-    Criminal investigation dilemma in providing digital evidence and searches of electronic devices (especially due to a more frequent use of encryption programs such as TruCrypt and others);
-    Relationship between searching home and other premises and searching electronic devices;

2.    Experience in cooperation with foreign authorities in detecting and prosecuting criminal offences
-    Legal basis for cooperation;
-    Establishing contacts with foreign security bodies (directly, through international organizations such as: Interpol, Europol, EUROJUST, SEEPAG, SELEC, etc. );

3.    Parallel collection of foreign electronic evidence and international legal basis for their collection in foreign countries:
-    Obtaining foreign country court orders, permits for enforcement of undercover measures, etc.;
-    Obtaining electronic evidence in the Republic of Slovenia based on a request issued by another country;
-    The difference between the evidence obtained by foreign authorities through their own investigation and evidence which the Foreign authorities collected based on the request of the Republic of Slovenia;
-    Transmission of digital evidence obtained abroad and the legal basis for obtaining them (on optical media, removable hard drives, through secure links, etc.);

4.    Probative value at Slovenian courts of evidence collected abroad

5.    A brief presentation of the judicial proceedings against the authors of malicious code Butterfly Bot i.e. Butterfly Flooder, which Spanish suspects used to create one of the largest networks called “Mariposa”


Slovenian experiences with digital evidence in court practice