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MAC forensics

Course Level: Basic

  • 5 days
  • Certificate
  • Location - Worldwide
  • Price on request


This course will provide participants with a basic knowledge of Mac computers and its Mac OS X operating system, basic commands, and system environment and variables. Participants will learn how to perform basic forensic steps and how to collect and properly analyze data on OS X operating system, such as operating system and services, file system basics, file system acquisition, shell, networking, user accounts, or user login history. Among other topics, training will cover hardware identification, Mac OS X introduction, viewing files on Mac natively, HFS+/HFS, APFS file system basics, recovering deleted files, command-line essentials, OS X security and password protection, single-user mode, collecting volatile data, forensic usage of the command line (imaging, disk handling, encryption), locating evidence and applications and finally, generating the report. This instructor lead training will provide hands-on experience through practical workshops and theoretical knowledge. At the end of the course, all participants will take on an exam and after successful completion will be given an official certificate for passing the course.


Participants should have good computer skills and basic knowledge of how computers and networks work and know some basics of digital forensic processes and procedures.