Kornelija Ivanušić

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Judge of the Municipal Court in Velika Gorica

Judge of the Criminal Law Division and the Juvenile Court of the Municipal Court of Velika Gorica. Participated in various stages of the Joint Project of the EU and CoE  „CyberCrime@IPA“ (2010-2013) – Regional Cooperation in Criminal Matters – Strengthening the Capacities in Fight Against Cybercrime in the South-Eastern European Countries. Within the same Project, trained to be a trainer of the Croatian Judicial Academy and of the Regional Pilot Center established for the training of judges and public prosecutors of the South-Eastern European Countries on cybercrime and electronic evidence. Speaker at numerous international conferences and workshops (CoE, EU, UNICEF, OESC, and USA Embassy) and annual DataFocus conferences. Consultant of the Council of Europe (2017-2021) for the cybercrime projects iPROCEEDS, GLACY+, CyberCrime@EAP II, CyberCrime@EAP III, CyberCrime@Octopus, CyberSouth. Co-author of the Project “Improvement the Capacities and Judicial Functioning” co-funded by the EU – aimed to improve training programs on cybercrime for judges and public prosecutors in Croatia. Trainer and co-author of the training materials for the basic and advanced levels and e-trainings within that project. 


The Second Additional Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime