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New service in INsig2 – removing data from any magnetic carrier

Electronic media data removing services.


In today’s digital world it is important how we are dealing with various types of data. Effectively securing sensitive data from data theft and data leakage is important as well as it is a destruction of sensitive data. Destroying data stored on tapes, hard drives, and other forms of electronic media so that it is completely unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorized purposes is a complex process. Physical destruction may destroy much of the data, however, there is no guarantee that all data has been destroyed. Proper procedures must be followed and the magnetic force of the degausser must be strong enough to remove data. In INsig2 we provide a professional service of irreversibly and safely removing data from magnetic media using a strong magnetic field (20 000 Gauss, 2T).


ProDevice ASM240 degausser generates a strong magnetic field (20.000 Gauss=2T) and cooperates with mobile App.

Demagnetization and destruction of data devices can be performed at our location, in the INsig2 laboratory, under the surveillance of our experts.

We invite you to contact us and find out more about removing data services and products in the field of degaussing data, shredding, and destroying various data carriers.


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