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INsig2 at 2022 HTCIA International Conference & Expo

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The High Technology Crime Investigation Association’s (HTCIA), International Conference & Expo is one of the oldest and the most respected high technology investigation conferences in the world. Many of the world’s top industry leaders have either been a member of HTCIA or presented at this conference. HTCIA presenters and attendees are current practitioners who engage in high technology crime investigations daily.​

At this HTCIA edition, INsig2 will present various integration and implementation solutions in the field of digital forensics as well as a number of digital forensics courses, from basic digital forensics concepts and procedures to advanced topics for experienced investigators.

In addition, INsig will hold two lectures, „Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in DFIR“ by our Head of digital forensics Krešimir Hausknecht and „What are the modern methods of attack and how to fight against them? Role-based approach in digital forensic education” by our senior consultant Savina Gruičić.

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