Scripting for Digital Forensic Investigator (SCRIPT) 

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Course Level: Intermediate

Position of a digital forensic investigator is a hard and responsible job. Big amount of evidence and data that need to be examined and processed require a lot of time and resources which can be challenging, especially if the lab doesn't have all the necessary equipment. If you are a digital forensics examiner, investigator, cybersecurity specialist, or analyst at heart that understands only basics of programming and want to take it to the next level, this is the course for you. You will be able to use, build and develop scripts to elevate your extraction and analysis capabilities and to solve some common, as well as challenging forensic related problems. The fundamentals of this class are hands-on with scripting/automating digital forensic problems. Scripts used in this class cover different fields of Digital Forensics such as computer, mobile, network, OSINT and general forensic analysis. After finishing this course, you will also be able to integrate batch, power shell and Python scripts with your everyday tasks and duties, and not only become more efficient but be able to solve more demanding problems that were out of your reach. The knowledge gained on this course will accelerate the analysis process because you will not have to do a manual search, just simply run the script and see the results.

No previous programming knowledge or skills are required and it is appropriate that participants have no such knowledge or experience. The only requisite for taking this class is a very good experience in conducting digital forensic investigations and understanding the background of digital forensic analysis tools.


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5 days
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