DataFocus 2019

Sheraton hotel Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

DataFocus is an international conference, that has been successfully organized by INsig2, every year since 2012, and attended by more than 200 participants each year, from the whole world. DataFocus is all about exchanging experiences. We bring together law enforcement investigators, prosecutors, judges, court expert witnesses and let them talk about their experiences with digital evidence and digital forensic investigations.

Since its beginnings, DataFocus has always been a conference free of charge for all the attendees, based on invitation of the organizer. It was and still is, INsig2's way of contributing to the digital forensics community by bringing all experts dealing with digital evidence in one place and giving them a chance to learn from one another.


DataFocus 2019 is organized in three tracks 

Legal track

Lecturers on legal aspects of collecting, processing and presenting digital evidences in criminal and administrative proceedings.

Investigation track 

Lecturers on technical aspects of finding, preserving and processing digital evidences.

Technical track 

Lecturers delivered by exhibitors, presenting and demonstrating newest products, services and trends in digital forensic field.




Hall: Grand hall - Section A
(Legal section)

Hall: Grand hall - Section B
(Investigation section)

Hall: Grand hall - Section C
(Technical section)

Hall: Opatija/Pula




Opening ceremony (Grand Hall - Section B)

Goran Oparnica, Managing Director, INsig2, Croatia
Dražen Jelenić, The Attorney General Republic of Croatia, Croatia
Davor Božinović, Ph. D., Minister, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Croatia

Ceremony host
Daniela Trbović


Keynote presentations (Grand Hall - Section B)

Dr. Tatiana Tropina, Senior Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law Freiburg, Germany
     New instruments for cross-border cooperation in accessing e-evidence: are we hitting rock bottom?

Markko Künnapu
, Member of the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY), Council of Europe, Estonia
     Access to electronic evidence: Way forward to the Second Additional Protocol to the Budapest Convention




Social media & digital evidence. The Spanish approach

Patricia Ayodeji, Founding Lawyer, E-PDP PROTECCIÓN DE DATOS PERSONALES, Spain

Financial crime and what we can learn from banks

Lucia Ana Tomić, Director, Hrvatska poštanska banka, Croatia

So What’s happening with EnCase & Tableau? 

Stephen Gregory, Principal Forensic Solutions Consultant, Opentext, Canada

BlackLight for Windows Analysis

Tim Thorne, Forensic Analyst and Instructor, BlackBag Technologies, USA


Hackers in law: The shotgun marriage of malware and criminal justice

Steven David Brown, Crime, Justice, and Law Enforcement Specialist, Austria

Advanced Hardware Acquisition Techniques - Don't give up on them yet!

Bob Elder, CEO-Partner, Teel Technologies, Canada

Fast Video and Image Carving with Lace Forensic Carver

Antoine Normand, CEO, Bluebear, Canada


Illicit Tobacco Sales on the Internet

Chris Mckenzie, Operations Manager, Anti Illicit Trade, United Kingdom

AD Quin-C - the next step for Digital Forensics      

Artem Kruzhilin, Country Manager, AccessData, USA                                                      




Use of digital evidence in criminal cases

Darinka Brđanović, Deputy County State Attorney in Varaždin, Croatia

Database analysis for identifying criminal offenses perpetrators – a case study

Dražen Škrtić, Police Consultant, Ministry of Interior, Croatia

Physical Decrypted Images from Macs with the T2 Chip'

Tim Thorne, Forensic Analyst and Instructor, BlackBag Technologies, USA

Car Forensics      

Saša Deković
, Consultant, INsig2, Croatia       


Electronic evidence and human rights protection 

Kornelija Ivanušić, Judge, Municipal Court in Velika Gorica, Croatia
Bojana Paunović, Judge, Court of Appeal in Belgrade, Serbia
Vladimir Milošeski, State Attorney, Municipal State Attorney's Office in Skopje, North Macedonia  

How not to get lost in the data jungle?              

Rūta Jašinskienė, Consultant, NRD CS, Lithuania

WhatsApp Forensics. Advanced methods of extraction and decryption

Tanya Pankova, Marketing Director, Oxygen Forensics, USA


Cyber incidents forensic analysis

Damir Paladin, Director, Borea, Croatia

Magnet Forensics Product Overview and AXIOM 3.0 Highlights

Carl Tinker, Sales Director and Patrick Griffith, Regional Account Manager, Magnet Forensics, Canada


Application of the General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR in court decisions

Vitomir Boić, Judge, County Court of Velika Gorica, Croatia

Fiscal cash registers database forensics

Ante Markić, Court Expert, Croatia

The Power of Digital Data Analytics

Ariel Karayev, Sales Engineer, Cellebrite, Israel


Closing ceremony
     Final words of the organizer


Plenary Lecturers

Tatiana Tropina

Senior Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law Freiburg, Germany
More about lecturer

Markko Künnapu

Member of the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY), Council of Europe, Estonia
More about lecturer


Antoine Normand

Darinka Brđanović

Dražen Škrtić

Lucia Ana Tomić

Patricia Ayodeji

Patrick Griffith

Rūta Jašinskienė

Stephen Gregory

Steven David Brown

Tatiana Pankova

Win prizes   

giftThere is a chance of winning great prizes provided by our exhibitors!

First prize
Magnet Forensics
2 x Axiom complete license, fully supported edition including Cloud, with 6 months of SMS 
Prize value: 7.100,00 $

Fourth prize 
2 x LACE Forensic Carver
Prize value: 600 $

Second prize
Quin - C – one year license
Prize value: 2.575,00 $

Fifth prize
Teel Technologies
Soft stretch mix media down jacket + Golf hat + Golf shirt
Prize value: 180,00 $

Third prize 
Oxygen Forensics
Oxygen Forensic online training 
Prize value: 1.500,00 EUR

Sixth prize
Tableau TDA3-3 mSATA and m.2 SATA adaptor  
Prize value: 60,00 $


DataFocus 2019 will take place in Zagreb in Sheraton Zagreb Hotel.