Implementation of security systems

Implementation of security systems

By following the latest technologies, INsig2 is implementing the latest solutions in all aspects of technical protection.
Each integrated system is custom designed and adjusted to customer business processes, combining different technical protection solutions in one central platform enabling in-time detection, delay and response to threats. Besides security protection systems, central platform can integrate other third-party solutions that can (in)directly effect on incident management efficiency:

  • fire alarm systems and gas alarm
  • time&attendence system
  • interphone systems
  • visitor management
  • traffic control
  • vehicle/person inspection
  • asset management
  • fleet management
  • environmental monitoring
  • other systems with open platform

Such system for example can detect unauthorized movement, analyse digital video recordings of associated cameras, visually displays the status of surveillance zones on the map and suggests further user action. System operator can select a specific event or area and check out the current situation, or search and analyse the given period. With certain events, the system will automatically start the procedure for the treatment, prepare a report and send it to the responsible person.

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INsig2 is implementing security solutions to protect people, property and information, on particular location or in movement. Whether subject of protection is fixed or mobile, communication between peripheral devices and central locations is using possible communication channels (copper, optics, wireless links, mobile networks) using adequate communication security solutions (VPN IPsec, SSL, MPLS etc.).
Integrated security systems solutions provide:

  • a single interface for managing all the aspects of the system
  • a single database with all information
  • uniform procedures and centralized incident management
  • reliability, availability and redundancy