Ammunition and Explosives Storage

Ammunition and Explosives Storage

The good storage is of crucial importance for the lifetime of ammunition and explosives. This is a very dangerous and expensive resource and proper storage can significantly reduce life-cycle costs. Any storage has to be built according to proper standards. These standards govern the design, construction, and use of all ammunition and explosives storage magazines within Armed Forces.

INsig2 turn-key concept includes designing, building and maintaining ammunition and explosives warehouses. We also provide all equipment necessary by the govern standards.

Very often ammunition, missiles and explosive devices are produced and acquired many years before use. For these reasons, it is essential to have proper maintenance during the life cycle. During the storage of ammunition, we must have the best security, reliability, performance and operational readiness of ammunition.

The modern storage of ammunition and explosives cannot be built without integrated security and safety. Automated building safety and security solutions protect ammunition and explosives magazine from vandalism, theft, terrorism, intrusion, and unexpected events. Newly built storages are usually equipped with different kinds of sensors that allow safely storing and handling, such as video surveillance (outside and inner video cameras) authorization entry system, temperature and humidity detection, motion detectors, fire alarm systems, etc.


Centralized management of Ammunition and Explosive magazine allows us to create and manage all security and safety issues more efficiently. The centralized double-authorization entry system is very important for control of alarms and events across multi-sites and multiple security systems.