Title: BlackLight for Windows Analysis

Time: 11:30 - 13:10

Hall: Opatija/Pula, first floor

Summary: Work through a realistic, multi-device investigation harnessing the power of BlackLight to easily locate and report on Windows artifacts – We are not just the Mac Guys.

Speaker: Tim Thorne, Forensic Analyst and Instructor, BlackBag Technologies 

Tim is 30 years in Law Enforcement, he joined the Metropolitan Police Service in January 1986 as Police Constable and Detective in Brixton and South London. he was a Detective Sergeant in New Scotland Yard engaged in drugs, murder, and robbery investigations. In 2003 he specialized in long term covert internal corruption investigations. Anti-Corruption Command lab manager for network and digital forensic investigations. From 2012, Tim worked as New Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism digital forensic Operations Manager - managing a large team responsible for exploiting digital media associated with those engaged in acts of terrorism. Tim works as a BlackBag Forensic Analyst and Instructor since April 2016.

Title: Car Forensics

Time: 14:30 - 16:45

Hall: Opatija/Pula, first floor

Summary: In today’s all connected world, what we want is to connect everything to everything, which usually means the Internet. The same can be said now with cars. Majority of the newly released cars are coming also with a mobile app to control it or at least monitor it. This is not only to improve user experience but also for manufacturers to fulfill their needs. We already witnessed many cases of cars being hijacked. The question arises, what can digital forensics process discover in all this? This workshop will try to answer this question by teaching participants about different car technologies, which can be found in the onboard computer (infotainment system) key fobs and many more artifacts related.

Speaker: Saša Deković, Consultant, INsig2

Saša works in INsig2 as a consultant in the digital forensics department, where he is primarily responsible for forensic training and client education and also for support during demanding and complicated investigations. Saša was involved in equipping and setting up several digital forensics laboratories. Due to his previous work experience in the Ministry of the Interior as a digital evidence forensic examiner, he has excellent knowledge in forensic tools and great experience with consulting in digital forensics investigations as well as conducting them. During his work in the Ministry, he worked in the field and planned police actions and was involved in many criminal cases such as child exploitation, drugs smuggling, economic fraud, people smuggling.