News and events

News and Events
INsig2 at International Exercise Cyber Coalition 23
08 December 2023

It is our pleasure to share that we had the honor of being a part of an extremely important event in the world of cyber security - the International Exercise Cyber Coalition 23, the holder of which, on behalf of the Republic of Croatia, was Zapovjedništvo za kibernetički prostor (ZzKP).

The head of digital forensics, Krešimir Hausknecht, in the show "Poslovni plan"
26 October 2023

Our head of digital forensics, Krešimir Hausknecht, recently gave an interview for the "Poslovni plan" show.

25th OLAF Digital Forensics and Analysts training - INsig2
16 October 2023

We had the privilege of participating once again in the 25th OLAF Digital Forensics and Analysts Training. This marked a significant milestone for us as it was our 10th year organizing training sessions at this prestigious event.

INsig2 e-learning platform
11 August 2023

We are excited to share that our e-learning platform, created in collaboration with ZYBER GLOBAL LTD, is all set to host another series of courses this year!

INsig2 - Goran Oparnica, Zlatna Bilanca nagrada 2023
28 June 2023

We are thrilled to announce that INsig2 has been honored with the prestigious Zlatna Bilanca Award in the category of the Manufacturing Industry!

JobFair 2023 - INsig2 - FER
05 June 2023

From 17th until 18th May we participated in JobFair, the leading student career fair where we had the opportunity to meet a large number of students and provide them with insights into INsig, and the opportunities we offer.