IT security

Today's information systems require a lot more attention and organization than few years ago. Security has become an imperative, and security attacks are no longer limited to crashing of operating system or reading of other people's e-mails.

INsig2 experts have recognized that modern systems require structured IT security and protection of an entire system: identity, information and data, but also processes and equipment.

Protection with digital certificates represents basis of sensitive data protection on computers. INsig2 implements security systems based on smart cards and public key infrastructure, and thus identity for encoding and digital signing of data is guaranteed.
By using advance authentication methods (Single Sign-On), INsig2 integrates security system applications on operating systems and networks. For increased security we also use encryption of inner and outer discs, which is especially important if a server was to be destroyed.
Together with implementation of basic systems, INsig2 experts have developed appropriate applications, which supplement work of digital certificates. Modules are accommodated to business operation in Croatia, and they allow recording of working hours by card registration upon arrival and exit, review of data by web application and card registration as well as employee monitoring.