Cyber Monday special discount

Cyber Monday special discount
September 25, 2023 | News

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With a Cyber Monday around the corner, INsig2 brings you a special discount on courses! 

Get 20% off on the OSINT Zagreb and OSINT Dubai course.

Additionally, in cooperation with Zyber Global Ltd, all courses and bundles at our E-learning platform are discounted. Use promo code cy83221 and get 50% off on all courses and bundles until November 30.



Customized courses for each sector


Customized courses for legal entities on deeper aspects of digital forensics and the forensic value of the evidence while collecting, processing, and presenting digital evidence in criminal and administrative proceedings.


Customized courses for law enforcement officials on procedures, techniques, and tools used in digital forensic analysis and how to apply them in their forensic investigations.


Customized courses for various industry professionals working in the private sector, to help them understand the value and the need for digital forensic, and its implications in a corporate environment.

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20% discount on OSINT courses in Zagreb and Dubai in 2022



 OSINT Zagreb 7-11 February, 2022


 OSINT Dubai 20-24 March, 2022


*The discounts can be applied until November 30.

*Cyber Monday discount can not be combined with permanent discounts.