Damir Paladin

Director, Borea, Croatia

Damir Paladin is an information security consultant. He is professionally engaged in information technology over 25 years, and in 1998th he started with his own company Borea, where he works today. His areas of expertise are computer forensics, audit and testing security of information systems. He owns professional certificates CISSP, CISA and CISM. He is a permanent court expert in IT. He cooperates with some of the most important Croatian companies and institutions providing professional services in the field of information security.

Cyber incidents forensic analysis

Complexity and diversity of cyber incidents require trained immediate responses both by IT staff responsible for oversight of incidents and by digital forensic experts who are involved in the analysis of these incidents, and these areas cannot and should not be separated. The lecture will describe the main features of forensic procedures in the cyber incident analysis and the place of forensic analysis in the process of responding to security incidents. Special emphasis will be put on comparison of "traditional" forensic analysis and forensic analysis conducted in the case of cyber incidents. The main points of computer systems to be covered by forensic analysis will be defined and the methods of this analysis, as well as tools for implementing these methods, will be described.


Cyber incidents forensic analysis