INsig2 at ERA
Two-day online seminar with ERA Academy of European Law
November 10, 2020 | Event


Barcelona, from November 9 till November 10, 2020

INsig2 participated in an online ERA Academy of European Law seminar, titled “Computer forensics in legal proceedings”. The seminar was organized to introduce legal practitioners like judges, prosecutors, and lawyers to the concepts of digital forensics and make them aware of available sources of evidence in online investigations.

The seminar was divided into three parts, and it opened with the first part “Technical issues and a basic understanding of computer forensics”, which aimed to introduce participants to the concepts of digital forensics and how to improve their ability to work with current internet technologies.

The second part “How a real digital forensics investigation is carried out – demonstration” showed the participants how a real digital forensics investigation is carried out and taught them how to respond appropriately to a potential forensic investigation. The aim was for participants to learn how to maximize the amount of information that can be preserved and to avoid any common mistakes early in the investigative process. During this part, INsig2 delivered a presentation “Triage and importance of forensics principles”, where participants were introduced to basic mobile and computer forensics, and how to properly perform the triage procedure.

On the last day of the seminar, the final part “Computer forensics and legal aspects” was held. The participants learned what sorts of legal disputes can involve digital forensic investigations and electronic evidence. In addition to that, practical and technical terms that judges, prosecutors, and lawyers in private practice confront were shown.