Lecture "Cybersecurity for Digital Society" at ZSIS
Lecture "Cyberattacks and cryptocurrencies" at Information system security conference
December 04, 2019 | Event


December 3, 2019, Zagreb, Croatia

INsig2 participated at an Information system security conference on a Cybersecurity for Digital Society, organized by ZSIS (Information Systems Security Bureau of the Republic of Croatia).
ZSIS organized the conference to raise the level of the overall information and cybersecurity awareness in the Republic of Croatia. The key topic was further development of information security in the context of National Security Strategy, the Homeland Security Act, the National Cyber Security Strategy and the Cyber Security Act of key service providers and digital service providers. 
INsig2 supported this event by presenting “Cyberattacks and cryptocurrencies” with the purpose of raising awareness of the dangers that cyberattacks may present and the difficulties that cryptocurrencies pose to investigators.