ERA seminar “Fundamentals of computer forensics”
ERA seminar “Fundamentals of computer forensics”
May 27, 2019 | Event


Lisbon, Portugal, May 27-28,2019

The seminar was organized in cooperation with the Portuguese Center of Judicial Studies. Participants were judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice from eligible EU member states.
Key topics covered during the event were understanding the internet and associated technology, dark web investigations, open source tools, conducting forensic analysis and handling e-evidence in court. 

The program of this seminar was divided into three parts. The first part was about “Technical issues and basic understanding of the internet architecture and concepts”, where the aim was to introduce the participants to the concepts of the internet and its supporting tools for investigation.
The second part refers to “Carrying out real digital forensics investigations”, during which INsig2 digital forensics consultants Savina Gruičić and Danijel Sladović delivered two presentations, “Preservation, chain of custody and incident-handling” and “Conducting a forensic analysis”. The aim was to educate the participants how to respond correctly to a potential forensics investigation in order to maximize the amount of information that is preserved and how to avoid common mistakes early in in the investigative process.
The third part of the event was held on the second day and was about “Computer forensics and legal aspects”, where the speakers illustrated the sorts of legal disputes that can arise involving digital forensics investigations and electronic evidence.