Analysis Challenges in the Digital Age lecture
Analysis Challenges in the Digital Age Lecture
February 02, 2021 | Event


March 8-9, 2021, Online lecture for students of Zagreb University of Applied Sciences

A special lecture "Analysis Challenges in the Digital Age" will be held for students of Zagreb University of Applied Sciences in Study Program Information Security and Digital Forensics from March 8 till 9, 2021. This 2-day online lecture will be held in the English language, from 17:00 till 21:00, CET and it is enabled by INsig2 as part of the internationalization project.

Main objectives of the lecture:

  • to transfer knowledge on the analysis process, its key elements, and its transformation in the face of digitalization
  • to expose the visualization as a prominent method of analysis and information delivery for better and faster perception, also, consider the visualization tools and technologies as essential to analyze massive amounts of information and make data-driven decisions
  • the development of skills that will gain importance in the near future, such as critical thinking, analysis, problem-solving, data-driven decisions making and greater adoption of technology

About the lecturer:

Ruta   nrd

Mrs. Rūta Jašinskienė is an intelligence analysis expert and trainer with an extensive background in international police cooperation and investigations, intelligence monitoring, tactical and strategic analysis. She is member of IALEIA (International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts) and ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners).
Prior to joining NRD Cyber Security team, Mrs. Rūta Jašinskienė had been working 20 years at the police units responsible for drug control and organized crime investigations. Last ten years working there she led a national unit in charge of international investigation, coordination police units as well as law enforcement agencies in drug control area. Mrs. Jašinskienė was a member of various international initiatives including the Horizontal Working Party on Drugs of EU Council and EMPACT group on Synthetic Drugs and New Psychoactive Substances.
For the past 4 years, Mrs. Jašinskienė has been consulting customers from public and private sectors on the analysis process and the best tools to use for it. She has been providing training courses on intelligence, analysis, IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook and hosting other courses provided by NRD Cyber Security.