Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance is a type of maintenance carried out at the request of the customer, in situations where specific elements and parts of the system or system as a whole fails or malfunctions. This means that maintenance is carried out after system failure detection. Corrective maintenance steps are taken to rectify a fault and restore affected parts or systems to their original, working state. It is used for immediate rectification and elimination of system breakdowns, outages and failures and consist of at-request maintenance and technical support Helpdesk.

As part of its corrective maintenance services, INsig2 actively participates in the elimination of reported outages and provides customers with necessary assistance when resolving any issue – using remote access or on-site support.

During system downtime, we prioritize the need to recognize and respond correctly to any errors and restore the system to optimal performance in the shortest possible time. INsig2 provides this customer service 24/7/365.

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