Equipment Procurement

Equipment procurement

Digital forensics examiners require specialized equipment and tools to conduct investigations and solve cases. INsig2 cooperates with the renowned vendors of forensic tools in the field, therefore, INsig2 is a distributor for all mainstream forensic software and hardware needed both for in-field investigations and lab analysis, such as products from Sumuri, OpenText, AccessData, Cellebrite, Oxygen, Belkasoft, BlackBag, Nuix, and many more. 

The technology developed by our partners helps discover crucial evidence from computers, laptops, mobile devices such as smartphones, GPS devices, cars, drones, and other electronic devices.  

Apart from being the leading supplier of forensic tools and training in the region, INsig2 also provides the first line of support, consulting services on which tools to use and how to use them in a most efficient way, how to utilize them in a lab environment and provides all necessary information from the manufacturer.