INsig2 supplier on DiTED for Northamptonshire Police and East Midlands Strategic Commercial Unit
May 14, 2019 | News


Providing digital forensic training

We are very pleased to announce that we have been approved to be a supplier on the DiTED (Digital tools, equipment and developments) DPS framework, developed by Northamptonshire Police and East Midlands Strategic Commercial Unit. The framework allows police forces and other government authorities to purchase products, software development and training in a competitive and expert environment.

The DiTED DPS framework is split into the following 7 lots:

  • LOT 1- Research and development
  • LOT 2- Evidence Extraction/Acquisition
  • LOT 3a- Evidence examination/Analysis
  • LOT 3b- Evidence extraction/Analysis
  • LOT 4- Digital forensic unit proficiency testing 
  • LOT 5 -Digital forensic training 
  • LOT 6- Digital laboratory- specialist equipment/accessories

We are approved suppliers on the following Lots: LOT 5 -Digital forensic training.

For more information about the DiTED framework and how to purchase from it please contact EMSCU on:  emscuenquiries@emscu.pnn.police.uk.