Datafocus 2019
DataFocus 2019
May 06, 2019 | News


For the eight successive year INsig2 has successfully organized conference on digital evidence called DataFocus 2019.

For the eighth successive year INsig2 has successfully organized a conference on digital evidence called DataFocus 2019. The conference took place at Sheraton hotel Zagreb in Zagreb on 30th April 2019 and hosted over 200 forensics experts.

DataFocus 2019 has brought together more than 200 forensics investigators and legal bodies from 22 countries worldwide in order to promote the importance of digital evidences.

The conference was opened with short speeches form INsig2 Director Mr. Goran Oparnica and the Attorney General Republic of Croatia, Mr. Dražen Jelenić.

First keynote lecture titled “New instruments for cross-border cooperation in accessing e-evidence: are we hitting rock bottom?” was held by Ph.D. Tatiana Tropina, a Senior Researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in the Information Law and Legal Informatics Section from Germany. In her lecture, she gave insight into the content of the US Cloud Act and the EU E-Evidence proposal, discussing their shortcoming and proposed the way forward to improve trans-border cooperation in accessing electronic evidence.

Second keynote lecture titled “Access to electronic evidence: Way forward to the Second Additional Protocol to the Budapest Convention” was held by Mr. Markko Künnapu, a Member of the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY), Council of Europe from Estonia. In his lecture, he gave a brief overview of the problems that practitioners have been facing concerning timely access to electronic evidence stored abroad.

During the conference participants could choose between 19 topics, divided into three sections: legal, investigation and technical section. The legal section contained 5 lecturers and investigation and technical, every 7 lecturers.

DataFocus 2019 was supported by 10 exhibitors, renowned companies from the field of digital forensics, Sumuri (USA), AccessData (USA), BlackBag Technologies (USA), Blue Bear (Canada), Cellebrite (Israel), Magnet Forensics (Canada), MSAB (Sweden), OpenText (Canada), Oxygen Forensics (USA) I Teel Technologies (Canada). All exhibitors had an exhibition booth where participants could see and test new products, as well as hear presentations in the technical section.  

In addition to three previously mentioned sections, participants had an opportunity to participate in two workshops held by BlackBag Technologies titled “BlackLight for Windows Analysis” and INsig2 titled “Car Forensics”.

The conference ended with the announcement of the winners in prize contest with total prize fond over 10.000,00 euros. Congratulations to all lucky winners!

We would like to thank our dear speakers, exhibitors, moderators and participants for supporting our conference DataFocus 2019 year after year. We are always so grateful for your contribution to the realization and success of our conference.


 See you next year at DataFocus 2020!