News and events

News and Events
High Temperature Detection System
10 November 2020

INsig2 experts will examine your premises and existing security systems, and recommend the best solution for you. Moreover, along with high-temperature detection system procurement, we will fully integrate it with your existing security system, educate your employees to use the complete security system efficiently, and provide system maintenance solution.

Integration benefits with our integrated security system:

12 October 2020
ProDevice is a leader of innovative technologies on the market for destroying information from electronic data carriers.
01 October 2020
Intending to provide the best technology in security integration, INsig2 now offers S2 NetBox access control and event monitoring system.
e learning
09 July 2020
To celebrate the launch of our new e-learning platform, we have prepared several benefits for our users!
e learning
06 July 2020
INsig2 in cooperation with Zyber Global Ltd presents you with a new e-learning platform with digital forensics courses intended for legal entities and IT professionals.
26 June 2020

As the coronavirus continues to spread, the possibility for more disruption of day-to-day operations grows. For those who have migrated their workforce away from the office, working remotely without compromising security is critical and challenging. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 50% of U.S. workers are now working from home full time but cybersecurity concerns are confronting organizations, 48% of which according to Slack, are struggling to enable a Work Remote Solution.