Saša Živanović

Head of the Cyber Crime Department at the Ministry of the Interior, Serbia

Saša Živanović is head of Cyber Crime Department in Ministry of Interior, Republic of Serbia. Saša has been working for the Ministry of Interior for the last 24 years, and he started his career as an Inspector for suppression of financial crime in the area of banking and other financial organizations and external trade. Saša is an expert in the fight against corruption, financial fraud and money laundering. Also, he is an expert in combating computer crime and credit card frauds.

Copyright protection in the film industry - new bulletproof concept

The film is an art. There is no person on the planet who does not like the film. Behind it all, in the digital era, which results in an uncontrolled multiplication of film by piracy of digital media, emerges a huge uncertainty. Last but not least, an artistic film has survived with tremendous dive against the cannibalistic nature of television. But it will hardly survive if caught in omnipotent digital networks without one essential, though not sufficient condition: the protection of producers' and copyrights. When concerning the film – all previous legal copyright protection mechanisms are only ex-post. Given the huge everyday piracy, as a producer of the film (whose author got a great interest among the audience on the notice of possible start on filming) in cooperation with Serbian Ministry of Interior, Department of Cybercrime - implementing a strict protocol of prevention in every aspect of production and film distribution, we present you the principle of the film protection which results in: The Pirate Bay - no result!


Copyright protection in the film industry - new bulletproof concept