Mislav Kršulović

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Head of Forensic and IT Unit, Croatian Competition Agency, Croatia

Mislav Kršulović is an IT expert from Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated from Technical College in Zagreb in 2003. By 2013, he had completed various forensic training courses and become an expert in digital forensics. For the last ten years he has been employed at the Croatian Competition Agency, where he is currently working as head of forensics and IT department. He manages tasks related to digital forensics and the Agency’s information technologies. Since 2013, he has been working on a project developing an antitrust forensic tool for European Competition Authorities. The project uses selected open-source tools as building blocks in order to develop a prototype of a European Antitrust Forensic IT tool. The software will not only be a set of open-source digital forensic tools, but it will also implement a workflow manager (customized for every competition authority participating in the initiative). Mislav is also a regular guest at ICT-related seminars in Croatia and other EU countries.

Dawn raid in practice

The presentation will explain the authorities Croatian Competition Agnecy has during dawn raids, the tools they use for collecting digital data, the problems they encounter when collecting data during searches (on-site) and their processing i.e. analysis in the Agency.


Dawn raid in practice