Miroslav Bača

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Profesor, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Croatia

Miroslav Bača is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin and the Head of the Centre for Biometry. He is a permanent court expert witness in biometry, informatics and telecommunications, a certified expert evaluator for IT products and IT-based services at the European Privacy Seal, and the Head of the Professional Section for Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications and IT Technology of the Croatian Association of Court Expert Witnesses and Valuers. In addition, he is the author of over 100 scientific and professional papers in the field of forensics and biometrics.

Cooperation between Private and Public Sector in Expert Testimony

Nowadays, there are no criminal offences that do not produce digital evidence, no matter whether they concern mobile phones, computers, computer networks or some other type of device holding digital evidence. Investigators in charge of such offences are often constrained by equipment and require specific knowledge. This raises the question of justification, that is, the necessity of cooperation with independent private forensic laboratories that are able to promptly deliver their services in accordance with legal regulations and, indeed, at the price of work that has actually been performed. The presentation will give an overview of segments and manners in which such laboratories and their employees may be involved, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of such partnerships.


Cooperation between Private and Public Sector in Expert Testimony