Krešimir Hausknecht

Krešimir Hausknecht
Head of Digital Forensics Department, INsig2, Croatia

After he finished his master's degree in information and communication technologies, Krešimir started working for Ernst and Young in IT Audit department and later joined INsig2 where he started as a consultant and professional trainer. He held over 1000 hours of training all over the globe and holds a number of professional certificates in the field of digital forensics.
The structure of Krešimir's career has given him a sound understanding of security principles, IT administration and many fields of digital forensics combined with the experience of applying that knowledge in a number of different environments technically and culturally.
Krešimir is the head of the Digital Forensics Department in INsig2, privately held company from Croatia. He has extensive experience in both public and private sectors where he has contributed to various programmes and clients. Krešimir's main tasks involve team and project management, working on cases and being a professional trainer in the field of digital forensics. He is an expert in live data forensics, malware and mobile forensics. In addition, he also teaches digital forensics classes on a privately held colleague in Croatia.


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