Esther George

Esther George

CEO, Cybercrime Prevention & Cyber Security, Zyber Global Centre

Esther George is an independent cybercrime, cybersecurity, and digital evidence consultant and the CEO and founder of the Zyber Global Centre  Esther is also the Editor of the Zyber Global monthly Newsletter which contains up-to-date information, news, and tips on cybercrime and cybersecurity

Esther is the co-owner of an online cybercrime and cybersecurity training platform .

Esther is also the lead cybercrime consultant for the Global Prosecutors E-Crime Network (GPEN) which is part of the International Association of Prosecutors. GPEN enables cybercrime prosecutors around the world to learn and benefit from sharing information, experiences, and strategies with each other, resulting in enhanced international cooperation.  GPEN was initiated and designed by Esther when she was a Senior Crown Prosecutor and the Project Manager for the CPS High-Tec Crime Project based at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) UK.


Prosecuting Cybercrime is a Team Sport