Dražen Škrtić

Ministry of Interior, Croatia

Ph.D. Dražen Škrtić graduated from the College of Internal Affairs in 1994 and from the Police Academy in 1999. He finished postgraduate scientific studies of criminal law at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb in 2007. He defended his doctoral dissertation Criminal law protection of informatics contents at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb in 2011. He is employed in the Ministry of the Interior, Karlovačka County Police Administration since 1990. He is working on criminal police jobs as Head of criminal police in police stations since 1994 and since 2001 in the Police Administration on tasks regarding general and economic crime. He is a lecturer for legal courses at the Karlovac University of Applied Sciences since 2012. He published several scientific and expert works and lectures from the area of cyber-crime. He participated on numerous Croatian and international expert and scientific conferences.

The beginning and end of digital evidence life cycle

The beginning and end of a life cycle of digital evidence is determined by a written order of the competent prosecutor or court. The life cycle of digital evidence includes identification, extraction, transfer, storage, analysis, presentation and destruction. Collection of digital data that might be used in court proceedings is typically initiated by a written order issued by a competent prosecutor or court in accordance with the law. The lifespan of digital evidence begins with the identification of digital data that are to be used as evidence in court proceedings, following their extraction and storage on the media under the supervision of law enforcement authorities.


The beginning and end of digital evidence life cycle