Davorka Foit

Consultant in Digital forensic department at INsig2, Croatia

Davorka is a consultant in the INsig2 forensic department and responsible for clients' education, and the exploration and development of forensic tools. Her areas of expertise include digital forensics in general, the guidance software EnCase, Cellebrite UFED, PTK Forensics, OS: Windows, MacOS, UNIX administration and tools development, networks, network management, and systems and network security. She has a remarkable knowledge of programming languages. Davorka is a Master of Science in Information and Communication Technology.

The lifecycle of electronic evidence

The lifecycle of electronic evidence is a very important part of every digital investigation process. Chain of custody is another important piece of every digital investigation that is especially very difficult to maintain and prove in real time situations. Investigators and expert witness must know all details on how the evidence was handled by every step of the way. At each phase in the lifecycle of electronic evidence, there are many impacts (human, technical and natural) that can violate electronic evidence. It is also of great importance that prosecutors, lawyers and judges understand this process. This presentation explains the basic concepts of “chain of custody of electronic evidence” and “lifecycle of electronic evidence”. 


The lifecycle of electronic evidence