Borut Zalokar

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Investigator, Ministry of Interior, Slovenia

Since 2009, Borut Zalokar has been working on digital forensic and investigating computer crime in the Computer Investigation Section. From 2003 to 2006, he worked at the Criminal Police Directorate as Coordinator Investigations against child sexual exploitation on the internet for Slovenian Police. Prior, Borut Zalokar was Criminal Police Inspector in cases concerning child sexual abuse, neglect and other crimes against children (since 1999) and Police Officer (since 1991).

Specific raids in internet banking with abuse RSA SecurID

The case study, in which unknown perpetrators with phishing e-mails prepare users of Internet banking to reveale their secure data in the application form on the fake website of the banks. With that unknown perpetrators get username, PIN and RSA authentication, and use them to make transfers of money on bank accounts abroad. The case study will show, how the perpetraters hide their identity and location, with using regular services on internet. Also we will present difficulties we encountered during the investigation.


Specific raids in internet banking with abuse RSA SecurID