Andrius Chaževskas

Head designate of Digital information examination department of Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania

Forensic expert of Information Technology in  Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania. He is responsible for research and investigation of IT based crimes and analysis of information in memory devices.
His areas of expertise include computers and mobile phones investigations: EnCase, FTK, .XRY, .XACT, UFED Linux OS basics, Methods of hacking. From 2012 till 2015 Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE).

Best practices of IT examination in Lithuania

The presentation will cover three sub-topics. The first part will shortly present Lithuanian forensic science system with IT experts and examinations. The second part reveal that practices of IT examination are the main achievements and problems in the system, including: the disparity among the tasks and questions for examinations, long examinations duration and lack of automation. Finally, the taken approach of resolving the challenges is explained, including the results of ongoing EU financed project will be discussed and main achievements presented.


Best practices of IT examination in Lithuania