Password Recovery and Decryption
Password Recovery and Decryption
April 06, 2022 | Event


Course Level: Advanced

cal June 6 - 10, 2022

map Zagreb, Croatia

eng English language

class Classroom type

tra  Training materials included

cert Official certificate

This course is designed to provide participants with a detailed study of password recovery and decryption techniques through various lectures, instructor-led, and independent hands-on practical exercises. Since encryption and data protection are easy to implement, learning how to mitigate it is extremely important in digital forensics. This course will start with a deep dive into encryption and password protection implications to general digital forensics and from there cover major file types, operating systems protections, hardware and software tools, and ways to mitigate. Throughout the class topics covered will include the difference between encryption and password protection, PGP, hashing, full disk encryption, and file encryption, entropy, 2-factor authentication, password managers, Bitlocker, FileVault, EFS, UFS, KeyChain, memory analysis, Office documents and many other concepts and applications of both encryption and passwords. 

To obtain the maximum benefits from this class, students should have basic computer skills, good knowledge of digital forensics, and work in Windows operating system.

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