Oxygen Forensics Boot Camp (OFBC)
Oxygen Forensics Boot Camp (OFBC)
January 14, 2021 | Event


Online, March 15 - 17, 2021

INsig2 forensic experts will deliver a three-day instructor-led training event, that will be held online, from March 15 till 17,2021. This course is geared toward students that have a working familiarity with mobile device acquisition and extraction. This course does not provide hands-on extraction of mobile devices. That topic matter is available in the Oxygen Forensic® Data Extraction course. This course focuses on the analytic analysis and reporting capabilities of the Oxygen Forensic® 13 Detective powered by JetEngine.

Oxygen Forensic® Detective is the flagship technology of Oxygen Forensics and a world-class suite of tools that allow an investigator to ingest mobile device data from all industry-standard extraction formats into a database architecture for single device analysis or multi-device analytics. The recent implementation of the x64 architecture of JetEngine elevates Oxygen Forensic® Detective to an unparalleled level of optimization, efficiency, and analysis.

Students will import multiple extraction formats of Android, Apple, and other datatypes while learning to use the suite of technology to develop workflows that will enable them to return to their environments and immediately apply new ideas. In addition, students will leave this course with an Oxygen Forensics Learning Management System (LMS) account and in-depth preparation for the new Oxygen Forensic® Detective certification process based on the new version 13!

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