INsig2 at ERA seminar Madrid 2019
INsig2 at ERA seminar Madrid 2019
September 24, 2019 | Event


Madrid, Spain, 23-24 September 2019

The seminar took place in Madrid 23-24 September 2019 and was organized in cooperation with the Spanish Center of Judicial Studies. Participants were judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice from eligible EU member states.
Key topics covered during the event were practice-oriented training in internet searches for EU legal practitioners. 

The program of this seminar was divided into three parts. The first part was about “Technical issues and basic understanding of the internet architecture and concepts”, during which INsig2 speaker Danijel Sladović delivered a presentation where the aim was to introduce the participants to “Open source tools, computer forensics in the “Cloud”” and also to educate them about the impact of encryption to digital forensics, how to conduct a reverse image search, what the procedures and tools can be used while reviewing an online/offline webpage and what are the difficulties or challenges while conducting a digital forensics analysis of a “Cloud”.
The second part refers to “Legal issues related to the collection and the presentation of e-evidence in court”. The aim of the second part was to explain the legal implications of e-evidence (collection, evaluating and admissibility) and the impact of electronic evidence on criminal proceedings.
The third part of the event was held on the second day and was about “Online investigations and handling of e-evidence best practices”, where the speakers gave an insight into different national EU criminal justice systems regarding the handling of e-evidence in court.