Car Forensic at IAATI European Branch Annual Seminar
Car Forensic at 30th IAATI European Branch Annual Training Seminar
November 08, 2019 | Event


November 6 - 8, 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia

IAATI (International Association of Auto Theft Investigators) organized an annual international seminar on knowledge about vehicle theft, combat of vehicle theft, insurance fraud and how to combat it, electronics in modern vehicles and training in identification.

INsig2 participated with demonstrations on Car Forensics, showing and explaining participants all procedures, sources of evidence and tools that are required to extract evidence from a car. 

IAATI (International Association of Auto Theft Investigators) is a worldwide organization with branches on every continent. It was established in 1952. Its membership has grown to over 2,500 members and includes all organizations actively involved in the prevention of automobile theft: police teams, insurance companies, car manufacturers, private investigators, and companies that process vehicle data. The IAATI European branch has members in more than 30 different countries.