Fundamentals of Digital Forensics for Lawyers and Judges

Course level: Basic

This course is intended for lawyers, judges and public prosecutors in order to help them understand the basics of digital forensic investigations and related challenges. The course covers legal aspects of the evidence seizure, in-lab processing together with an explanation of different types of evidence, data that can be extracted from them and most importantly time and effort involved. The course ends with generating reports from different tools, an overview of options available in report generation and exporting evidence from the case that needs to be presented in the court. Participants will also learn how to participate in the court testimonies and what are the right questions to ask. 
The course is divided into 10 chapters, where each chapter is followed by a multiple-choice quiz “Test your knowledge”. At the end of the course, there is a final assessment, where participants are given a case study, and results are graded manually. 

Participants should be able to understand course materials presented in English and perform basic operations on a personal computer.


Course Details

10 chapters
English language

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