DataFocus 2015

Sheraton hotel Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia


DataFocus is an international conference, that has been successfully organized by INsig2, every year since 2012, and attended by more than 200 participants each year, from the whole world. DataFocus is all about exchanging experiences. We bring together law enforcement investigators, prosecutors, judges, court expert witnesses and let them talk about their experiences with digital evidence and digital forensic investigations.

Since its beginnings, DataFocus has always been a conference free of charge for all the attendees, based on invitation of the organizer. It was and still is, INsig2's way of contributing to the digital forensics community by bringing all experts dealing with digital evidence in one place and giving them a chance to learn from one another.


DataFocus 2015 is organized in three tracks 

Legal track

Lecturers on legal aspects of collecting, processing and presenting digital evidence in criminal and administrative proceedings.

Investigation track 

Lecturers on technical aspects of finding, preserving and processing digital evidence.

Technical track 

Lecturers delivered by exhibitors, presenting and demonstrating newest products, services and trends in the digital forensic field.



TimeGrand hall - Section A
(Legal section)
Grand hall - Section B
(Investigation section)
Grand hall - Section C
(Technical section)
Hall - Opatija/Pula


Registration, welcome coffee


Opening ceremony (Grand hall - Section B)


Goran Oparnica, Managing Director INsig2, Croatia 
Dragan Novosel, Deputy State Attorney of Republic of Croatia
Dragan Primorac, President of International Society for Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS), Croatia  
Evelin Tonković, Deputy Minister of Interior of Republic of Croatia


Ceremony host 
Sandra Bagarić


Keynote presentations (Grand hall - Section B)


Beatriz Sanz Redrado, Director of Anti Fraud Office Directorate C (OLAF), Belgium
      The OLAF strategy regarding Digital Forensic Education and how it affects the EU financial interest

Dr. Gabrielė Joudkaitė-Granskienė, Director of Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania
Andrius Chaževskas, Head designate of Digital information examination department of Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania
Dr. Vilius Benetis, CEO, NRD CS Lithuania
      Best practices of IT examination in Lithuania


Coffee break


Legal aspects of Bitcoin

Paolo Dal Checco, DEFT Association, Italy 

Computer related fraud - ZeuS banking malware

Jelena Taradi, Ministry of Interior, Croatia 
Miroslav Štampar, ZSIS, Croatia
Jurica Čular, ZSIS, Croatia 

When the standard XRY Cable doesn’t do the job for you

Anders Ehnbom, Sales Director EMEA and Latin America, Mycro Systemation AB, Sweden

Oxygen Forensics - Mobile 
Challenges in Obtaining, Analyzing and Applying Evidence from Mobile Devices

Tatiana Pankova, Marketing Manager, Oxygen Forensics, USA


Big Data and (Criminal) Law 

Liljana Selinšek, Researcher at Institute of Criminology at Law Faculty in Ljubljana, Slovenia 

The use of digital evidence in cases of cyber corruption  

Vladica Babić, Assistant Director in APIK – Agency for prevention of corruption and coordination of the fight against corruption of BIH, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Belkasoft – Mastering computer and mobile investigation with Belkasoft Evidence Center. What’s new in 2015

Yuri Gubanov, CEO and            Founder of Belkasoft, Russia


Presenting the evidence in civil
proceedings via video-conference

Vitomir Boić, President of the Court, County Court in Velika Gorica, Croatia 

Using NTFS properties and artifacts to rebuild damaged volumes

Yves Vandermeer, European Cybercrime Training and Education Group (ECTEG), Federal Computer Crime Unit (FCCU), Belgium 

Acquiring and decrypting data stored on mobile devices

Andrey Malyshev, CTO and Alexey Shtol, Senior System Architecture Engineer Elcomsoft, Russia



Lunch  – Restaurant Tomislav


International cooperation and securing digital evidence 

Ivan Mijatović, Chief Inspector, Ministry of Interior, Croatia 

ACDC project - methods, results, antibotnet – National Support Centre 

Darko Perhoč, Assistant Director, National CERT, Croatia 

Technologies that are changing digital forensics

Steve Gregory, Forensic Solutions Specialist Guidance Software, USA

Belkasoft – Mobile and Computer Forensics: Combining digital pieces together with Belkasoft Evidence Center 2015

Yuri Gubanov, CEO and Founder of Belkasoft, Russia


The legal framework for conducting unannounced searches (dawn raid)

Marko Brgić, Head of the establishment of abuse, Croatian Competition Agency, Croatia 

Digital forensic and "Cloud Computing"

Damir Paladin, Borea, Director, Croatia

Mobile is the key: extracting evidence using mobile device intelligence 

Carl Barron, Senior Solution Consultant, NUIX, Australia



Coffee break


The lifecycle of electronic evidence

Davorka Foit, Consultant in Digital forensic department at
INsig2, Croatia 

Dawn raid in practice 

Mislav Kršulović, Head of Forensic and IT Unit, Croatian Competition Agency, Croatia  

Mobile Forensics: Modern ways of communication. Hidden and deleted data

Galina Rabotenko, Marketing Director, Oxygen Forensics, USA


Security measure of imposing a ban on Internet access

Kornelija Ivanušić, Judge at Municipal Court in Velika Gorica, Croatia 

Legal aspects of remote digital forensics

Dražen Škrtić, Ministry of Interior, Croatia 

Changing the way you investigate

Ashley Page, Senior Technical Engineer, AccessData, USA


Closing ceremony (Grand hall - Section B)

     Final words of the organizer


Plenary Lecturers

Beatriz Sanz Redrado

Director of Anti Fraud Office Directorate C (OLAF), Belgium
More about lecturer

Gabriele Joudkaite-Granskiene

Director, Forensic Science Centre, Lithuania
More about lecturer

Andrius Chaževskas

Head designate of Digital information examination department of Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania
More about lecturer

Vilius Benetis

CEO, NRD CS Lithuania
More about lecturer


Dražen Škrtić

Galina Rabotenko

Ivan Mijatović

Kornelija Ivanušić

Liljana Selinšek

Miroslav Štampar

Mislav Kršulović

Paolo Dal Checco

Stephen Gregory

Vladica Babić

Yves Vandermeer

DataFocus 2015 will take place in Zagreb in Sheraton Zagreb Hotel.