DataFocus 2014

Sheraton hotel Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia


DataFocus is an international conference, that has been successfully organized by INsig2, every year since 2012, and attended by more than 200 participants each year, from the whole world. DataFocus is all about exchanging experiences. We bring together law enforcement investigators, prosecutors, judges, court expert witnesses and let them talk about their experiences with digital evidence and digital forensic investigations.

Since its beginnings, DataFocus has always been a conference free of charge for all the attendees, based on invitation of the organizer. It was and still is, INsig2's way of contributing to the digital forensics community by bringing all experts dealing with digital evidence in one place and giving them a chance to learn from one another.


DataFocus 2014 is organized in three tracks 

Legal track

Lecturers on legal aspects of collecting, processing and presenting digital evidence in criminal and administrative proceedings.

Investigation track 

Lecturers on technical aspects of finding, preserving and processing digital evidence.

Technical track 

Lecturers delivered by exhibitors, presenting and demonstrating newest products, services and trends in the digital forensic field.



TimeGrand hall - Section A
(Legal section)
Grand hall - Section B
(Investigation section)
Grand hall - Section C
(Technical section)
Hall - Opatija/Pula


  Registration, welcome coffee


Opening ceremony (Grand hall - Section B)


Goran Oparnica, Managing Director INsig2 
Darko Klier, Croatian Deputy State Attorney
Evelin Tonković, Croatian Deputy Minister of Interior 


Ceremony host 
Aleksandar Stanković


Keynote presentations (Grand hall - Section B)

Prof.Giuseppe Vaciago, The University of Insubria, Italy
     The role of the Public-Private cooperation in the pre-trial phase before the admission of the Digital Evidence in court

Goran Sirovatka, INsig2 Training manager, Croatia, INsig2
     OLAF Training Experience 


  Coffee break 


IACIS  - Who we are?



James Dibble, IACIS President, United States of America

Digital Evidence in Successful Prosecution



Esther George, LLB (Hons), LLM, MA, Cybercrime Prevention Specialist, United Kingdom

Remote forensics using the Tableau TD3



Stephen Gregory, Guidance software, Forensic solution specialist, United Kingdom

How to get the most data from Smartphone apps and SQL databases


Anna-Maria Graus, MycroSystemation, Area Manager, Sweden


Planned OSCE activities in 2014 in the Region


Erwann Tor, Police Affairs Officer, Adviser on Fight Against Crime, Austria

Obtaining and use of digital evidence in criminal proceedings


Dražen Tripalo, Supreme Court Judge, Croatia


Getting to know AccessData



Keith Lockhart, Access Data, Vice president of Global Training, United States of America


About Czech CyberCrime Centre of Excellence


Marian Svetlik, Cybercrime Centre, Vice President, Czech Republic

Slovenian experiences with digital evidence in court practice 


Izidor Rojs and Iztok Krumpak, Local State Prosecutors, Slovenia


Enhancing images and video during investigations with Amped FIVE


Martino Jerian, CEO and Founder, Amped Software, Italy



BLACKSHADE CASE – On-line banking intrusions



Borut Štok, Criminal police, Senior criminal inspector specialist, Slovenia

The challenges of legal regulation in discovering and proving the offense cybercrime


Milana Pisarić, Assistant, Faculty of Law, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Preparing Child Exploitation Cases in Days Instead of Months



Antoine Normand, CEO of Blue Bear LES, Canada




  Lunch – Restaurant Tomislav


Internet security in Croatia in 2013, botnets, defense


Darko Perhoč, Assistant Director, National CERT, Croatia

Round table discussion:
Cooperation between prosecutors and investigators


Esther George, Prosecutor, UK
Zlata Đurđević, Professor, CRO
Vitomir Bijelić, Police, CRO
Branislav Veselinović, Police, SRB
Živko Jevdjenijević, Judge, SRB
Izidor Rojs, Prosecutor, SLO
Željka Pokupec, Prosecutor, CRO

Facilitator: Aleksandar Stanković

Latest news from MicroSystemation


Anna-Maija Graus, MicroSystemation, Area Manager, Sweden

Forensic Toolkit

Nick Drehel, AccessData, Director of Computer Forensic Training, United States of America




Mobile Phone Examiner MPE+

Kevin DeLong, AccessData, Director of Mobile Forensic Training, United States of America


Geo-locating the IM service users and analysis of communication logs


Ljuban Petrović, Serbian Police, Independent police inspector,

How to deal with forensic artifacts in system files


Yuri Gubanov, CEO and Founder of Belkasoft, Russia


Live Data Forensics


Damir Paladin, Borea, Director, Croatia

Market trends in mobile forensic Industry & latest updates on UFED Family


Roy Shamir, Cellebrite, Sales Director, Israel


On-line digital forensic investigations


Damir Delija, INsig2, Consultant, Croatia


Closing ceremony (Grand hall - Section B)

     Final words of the organizer


Plenary Lecturers

Goran Sirovatka

INsig2 Training manager, Croatia, INsig2
More about lecturer


Anna-Maija Graus

Antoine Normand

Giuseppe Vaciago

Goran Sirovatka

Keith Lockhart

Ljuban Petrović

Marian Svetlik

Martino Jerian

Milana Pisarić

Stephen Gregory

DataFocus 2014 will take place in Zagreb in Sheraton Zagreb Hotel.