Integration of physical and logical protection

Integration of physical and logical protection

INsig2 integrated security systems utilize all the benefits of the new information technologies to all of the segments of technical protection, to enable consolidating them into a single system. In this way, the user has easier, faster and more efficient supervision and management capabilities.

Such system, for example, can detect unauthorized movement, analyze digital video recordings of associated cameras, visually displays the status of surveillance zones on the map and suggests further user action. A system operator can select a specific event or area and check out the current situation, or search and analyze the given period. With certain events, the system will automatically start the procedure for the treatment, prepare a report and send it to the responsible person.


Integrated security systems solutions provide:

  • a single interface for managing all the aspects of the system
  • a single database with all information
  • uniform procedures and centralized alarm escalation
  • reliability, availability and redundancy

INsig2 solutions are based on open technologies that allow integration with other systems:

  • fire alarm systems and gas alarm
  • attendance system
  • interphone systems
  • other systems with an open platform

INsig2 system security solutions can be localized to the Croatian language.