Designing integrated technical protection systems

Designing integrated technical protection systems

Integrated security systems are created by unifying all segments of technical protection under a single system with the help of information technology.

By integrating various technical protection systems, we can increase and fortify system security and provide our customers with streamlined and efficient control and management.
In accordance with customer needs, current legislation and by applying most advanced solutions in the field of integrated security systems, INsig2 prepares project documentation and all other technical documents necessary for ensuring optimal performance of integrated security systems, their proper operation, fulfillment of all requirements and professional rules, and provides instructions on how use and maintain these embedded systems.

There are several stages of implementing optimal integrated technical protection systems:

  • existing state survey and problem analysis
  • threat survey report and risk assessment with object categorization
  • mitigation measures
  • project task
  • conceptual design or protection concept
  • conceptual project
  • technical study
  • detailed design
  • as-built design

Other technical documentation relevant to the design and use of integrated technical protection systems includes: safety procedures, action plans, warning plans, bidding documents, maintenance programs and procedures, operating instructions, system administration instructions, etc.