INsig2 offers solutions through implementation and integration of security systems such as access control systems, video surveillance, intrusion detection and perimeter protection – with the integration phase followed by the maintenance phase.

INsig2 is a company with years of experience in implementing demanding maintenance systems; leveraging our know-how to ensure safe, efficient and optimal operation of various systems. 
Performance and longevity of implemented systems are directly reflected in your satisfaction and serve as a guarantee of our successful and long-term business relationship. That’s precisely why we consider all of our customers as partners, and continue to be guided by this principle. Simply said – we take care of your systems as if they were our own. We’ve been developing our maintenance program since 2004, constantly upgrading and updating it with new technologies and standards, with an emphasis on essential professional education and training. Our maintenance system is based on universally accepted global standards and best practices for providing customer-focused IT services. 

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What are the basic outlines of our maintenance program?
The maintenance cycle starts at the time of delivery, following the successful implementation of integrated security systems. System maintenance and customer support program is initiated during the design phase to avoid any interruptions or downtime in the system life cycle or customer support. We create a customized maintenance and support plan in accordance with best practices – tailored exclusively to your needs. By taking this approach, we are able to provide you with uninterrupted customer support, enhancing security of implemented systems and strengthening your confidence in us as your partner.

Generally speaking, maintenance is a process of retaining a specific state or function. 
Optimal system lifespan is best defined by awareness of the importance of maintenance and approach taken to ensure such maintenance, which is why a healthy approach is an important factor of any successful and long-lasting functional system.

Guided by this notion, we have developed our own maintenance network, split into two categories:

  • Regular maintenance 
  • Corrective maintenance